What We Do

There are currently 30 students attending the Mother Oda Vocational Training school. One third of the students are enrolled in Catering; 5 students are learning tailoring; and 7 students are in the tour guide/hotel management program.

Tuition and boarding must be provided by the students. It is approximately 685,000 TS ($304) for Tailoring and Catering and 985,000 TS ($437) for boarding.

Tailoring & Dress-making

The Mother Oda Vocational Training school has trained girls in tailoring, embroidery and Batik and Tie-Dye since 1997. They offered girls from 16-22 protection from going back to abusive home environments, education, technical skills, and counseling as they grow up to maturity.

Catering & Hotel Management

Being in a tourist region, it was an opportunity to add catering courses. Along with cooking and serving, catering students learn to prepare the dining setting with elegantly folded napkins, flowers in vases, and the full setting of utensils. Before final exams, students get field experience in nearby tourism facilities and are employed afterwards.

Tour Guide Training

There are seven boys in the tour guide/hotel management program and the remaining students are in their Practicum portion of training at local hotels or other locations where they stay and learn for approximately one month.

About Our Teachers

All of our teachers have completed their Secondary National exam as well as earning at least a Bachelor's degree in University or a college-level certificate/diploma. Some students are hopeful to continue at University and achieve higher degrees.

Unfortunately, there is not enough money for our teachers to receive a consistent salary so they work mainly as volunteers.